Partnering withgravityto make beautiful, functional art.

Dry Stone Masonry & Construction in Durango, Colorado

Gravity is the most pervasive, powerful and awe-inspiring force in the universe. Aside from keeping you on the ground, it can bend light and warp time. When understood and efficiently utilized, it can bond properly designed and built stone structures in place for centuries without the need for the unsightly "glue" of mortar.

At DDS we work in partnership with this invisible force of nature to create artful and functional immovable arrangements of stone. Dry stone work, when properly designed and executed by experienced and certified artisans is both aesthetically and functionally superior.

Freestanding & Retaining Walls


Patios & Walkways

stone patios walkways

Garden Features & Steps

stone steps

Drainage Solutions

stone drainage

Your outdoor living space should be an extension of your home where the indoors and outdoors merge to create an intimate and special personal refuge, that should be a functional, durable, unique, pleasing and spiritually enriching gathering place for family and friends.

DDS can help you design and create stonework that is at once a functional component of your property and a work of art that will enrich your outdoor living experience for years to come.